Super Active Carbon

Beyonder have succeeded in developing Super Active Carbon (SAC) with extremely high surface area
Activated carbon is an incorporated part of the BEYONDER capacitor technology. BEYONDER has successfully - and independently - managed to build a lab-scale production of this material, with properties, which are 2-3 times above current market standards. This particular material, referred to as super activated carbon (SAC), and the specific processes and methods used for manufacturing is patent pending. BEYONDER SAC, originating from biomass such as waste-wood, and/or synthetic polymer, has a surface area of up to 3500m2/pr. gram versus market standards of 1.500-2.000m2/pr. gram. Additionally BEYONDER SAC can have its properties designed to fit specific purposes as for instance super-conductivity (which is the case in capacitor production). Both the surface areas achieved and the ability to design pore throat distribution are ground breaking innovations.   
The SAC produced by BEYONDER are the core in the highly increased energy efficiency of the BEYONDER capacitors, but importantly the material will also be able to solve core problems and challenges in other industries, where lower grade activated carbon is being used today. This is the case in gas and liquid purification, where the increased surface area of BEYONDER SAC, will increase efficiency - the same case goes CO2 capture and sequestration. Furthermore, air-filters, catalysts, water treatment, liquid filters, metals recovery, ballast water treatment and a long list of other industrial purposes will be able to gain significantly from the adoption of BEYONDER SAC.