What we do?

Our technology and products

BEYONDER develops a non-flammable, high power, cost-effective, sustainable, and durable battery technology, namely Li-ion capacitor (LiC), suitable for the Nordic low temperature environment. A LiC is a hybrid device that combines the capacitive cathode of a supercapacitor and the battery-type anode of Li-ion battery to inherit the advantageous specific power and specific energy of each technology. By using a wood-derived activated carbon cathode, the LiC can operate at higher specific power with greater durability compared to Li-ion batteries. By using a high capacity silicon anode, the LiC can achieve a high specific energy while remaining sustainably produced. Furthermore, because the electrolyte is an ionic liquid, the LiC is non-flammable, countering a major safety hazard of current technology, yet retaining high conductivity at low temperatures.
The battery concepts developed at Beyonder builds on known technologies, i.e. Li-ion technologies, which are combined with a new set-up and design and have new improved materials added; high-quality Super Active Carbon. 
By adopting this approach we aim to build a bridge between the safe and the well proven and the path of the future. 
BEYONDER is dedicated to be best in test, while remaining focused on efficient real life execution. We will make sure that our customers stay ahead of the competition. 
Our solutions offer efficiency numbers, which are significantly better than the standard battery solutions of today, while at the same time the solutions are safe and well-tested.